Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tiny houses, big solutions?

One of 14 tiny cabins at the Blue Moon Rising ecotourism retreat in McHenry, Maryland, the 250-square foot Kaya has a rustic reclaimed metal and wood exterior. Built by the folks at Hobbitat, the quaint interior features a living space, queen-bed nook, bathroom, and kitchen with a view of nature, all under a curved, corrugated metal ceiling. Rental rates per night range from $249 to $349. —ESN
Look inside the Kaya.

Tiny living, downsizing, right sizing, small living, micro living. Whatever you call it, this national trend is all about paring down living spaces and simplifying everyday life. A cable show devotes hours of programming weekly to a growing national movement. It's a concept yet to take root in the Capital District.

Fred Elia, president of the Schenectady-based Hearthstone Homes, specializes in "flipping" traditional houses and understands well the stagnant housing situation in the Rotterdam area. "Middle class families simply don't have savings to afford a down payment and often have heavy debt or other obligations that disqualify them from getting a mortgage. Ironically, these families pay more in rent than they would in mortgage payments, which would help them build much-needed equity."

See some great tiny houses.

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