Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dan Ingram: A New York Icon

Dan Ingram on WABC radio was the voice of summer, and all other seasons, in New York City during the 60s. He returned for another decade in the early 90s on WCBS-FM. His wit, fast-paced humor, and uncanny ability to talk right up to the lyrics entertained me and millions. He brought us the "Word of the Day," the "Honor Group of the Day," and non-stop laughs and great music. Ingram was part of what made New York special. He worked with other legends such as Cousin Brucie (still working on Sirius), Ron Lundy, Dandy Dan Daniel, Harry Harrison, Chuck Leonard and more. A golden age of radio it was. Mr. Ingram lives in retirement in Florida. Thanks for the great memories.


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