Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Beating Trump with Facts and a Massive Vote

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To beat Trump next year will require a massive get-out-the-vote effort, beyond even the Democratic wave of 2018. It will require motivating the 100 million Americans eligible to vote who can't find their way to a voting booth--mostly because they don't think their vote matters.

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The Voter Answer Book series has been designed to gently but persuasively motivate the uninvolved about how this government works, with its imperfections, and how it affects us all every day.

Book 1 provides a brief history about the founding of the government, the  Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the errors and omissions committed by the Founders. Not least of the failures was to ignore the issue that would lead the new nation into a crippling Civil War: slavery.  

Future books will cover the history and issues regarding health care, climate change, gun control, the Supreme Court, immigration and the 14th Amendment, education, reproductive rights, and more. Each future book will be released on an ongoing basis.

Resources in the books will include information about how to register to vote, online or in-person

About the authors: David Balog is a published author who previously worked for the Dana Foundation. He worked for the late William Safire, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and former language columnist for the New York Times. Gerry Huerth is a longtime community activist involved in Native American education and a social studies professor at Hennepin County Community College in Minneapolis.

31 pages, illustrated. $3.95. All proceeds benefit A Thousand Moms: Building  Community Support for LGBTQ Youth.

See sample pages, below:

Order Book 1. Click here!
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