Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Vax-a-million Lottery offers $1 million

Ohio residents can get a vaccine and a special Lottery ticket.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine gets credit for creativity, if nothing else. Using Covid relief money from the federal government, the governor and his administration set up the nation's first lottery to to lure vaccine reluctant Ohioans to get jabbed.

Vaccine rates for Ohio citizens over the age of 18, which had slowed, are now on the increase. And this special lottery, offering five prizes of a million dollars each, is open solely to the newly vaccinated. The first drawing will be held on May 26th. Winners will be announced weekly until June 23rd.

Officials can't officially confirm that the lottery caused the increase, but first indications are that the idea is the driving force behind increased vaccination rates.

But this isn't the only incentive states are offering. In New Jersey, residents 21 and over can get a free beer after their first vaccination. In Alabama, residents who received a vaccine or a Covid-19 test were able to take a free drive on the famed Talladega speedway last weekend. 

Residents of Maine, who got their first dose of the vaccine before the end of May, can get complimentary fishing or hunting licenses or day passes to State Parks.

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