Sunday, August 23, 2015

Understanding money fears...and letting go

In years of talking to people about money, I've learned to back away sometimes. Friday was one day that reinforced this idea.

The stock market tanked and everyone, it seemed, was nervous.

One woman, who had invited me to talk about finances a while back, gave me a "I told you so," at the local eatery where she works.

A social work friend once introduced me to the concept of "learned helplessness." Sometimes, many times, people like the waitress mentioned above, just can't conceive of a better way and they need to complain about...taxes, the government, the burdens of raising a family on no money...anything. It's frustrating to me and sad because the market doesn't always tank and if everything closed down--the stock market, the government--we'd be after each other with pitchforks. Possible? OK. Likely? No.

Here are some common fears I come across and that I've held myself. And this article offers solutions.


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