Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Money and our Emotions

(Adapted from GoingBankRates.Com)

Some sayings I've kept in mind about money:

--Money can't buy happiness, but just try living without it. 
--Why do I feel better with $20 in my pocket than when I don't?
--Without money, you have no choices, no power.

"Money fears touch upon every one of our deepest psychological needs as a human being, those being: to love and be loved, to experience fun and enjoyment, to want freedom and to experience some degree of power over our lives,” said Leisa Peterson, CFP. “Not all things we deal with in life touch upon every single one of these core psychological needs, but money does. This means that when money problems comes up, we are forced to consider every aspect of our lives falling apart instead of just one or two. It is all subconscious but it is huge.”

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