Monday, December 18, 2017

Holiday e-book special


Healing the Brain

Stress, Trauma and LGBTQ


By David Balog

  • Books for parents, teachers, counselors, clergy and concerned individuals.
  • Presents easy-to-understand coverage of the brain's role in stress and health.
  • Enquire about workshops on each title
"An invaluable resource for those working in the trenches with LGBTQ youth in 
foster/adoptive care but equally important serves as a primer for those in the community
at large who are largely unaware of this subset in our population who are in 
such desperate need!" --Dr. Ray Werking, professor, GLSEN educator and host, 
WRPI Radio

Healing the Brain e-Books
$5.95 per e-book
$12.95 for all e-books set
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We will email you the link to the book(s) in easy-to-use PDF/flipbook format. 

Also available:
Alcohol and Drugs                   Concussions and CTE      Depression & Mood Disorders

Domestic Violence & TBI           Fetal Alcohol Disorders        Development

Print books also available on

A Thousand Moms
Building Community Support for LGBTQ Youth
2367 Curry Road
Schenectady NY  12303

518 322-0607

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