Friday, September 16, 2016

Emergency post: Stop the terror of Trump (and Fallon's a nimrod)

I write this blog to talk about stress and promote my new book, Healing the Brain: Stress, Trauma and LGBTQ Youth.

Now I'm using whatever voice I have to wake people up to the threat of a Trump Presidency.

As a gay man, I've had to accommodate a lot. I have had to bow down to white straight male privilege. I've learned to be silent. To temper my comments. To miss the "soft" bigotry (and not-so "soft bigotry) of people like Trump. To be deceived by his, as has been called in the media, bullshit.

Now to anyone "on the fence" about voting for Hillary: Have you lost your minds? You should be embarrassed.

And I'm completely sick of the Dr. Oz, Jimmy Fallons, and Matt Lauers, the incompetent media people who have given Trump a pass on his racism, white supremecism, misogeny, lies and fraud. Shame on the media, shame on us for tolerating them.

So please wake up. And learn about stress and trauma such as induced by Trump by reading my book.


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