Saturday, September 17, 2016

Close the door: Picture of a sad Trump voter

Albany, NY is a strange place for a person who grew up and lived in the New York City area.

Among my first acquaintances here was Chris P., the type of person you'd like, at first, as a big brother. He is big, outgoing, engaging, but ultimately very sad. He is someone you worry about in the end, a sad, confused man.

He's a Trump voter and he doesn't know why, except Chris is a very angry man. He likes Trump because he "says what's on his mind." "He won't take away the guns I need to protect my newborn son who nearly died at birth and took his mother with him (he constantly reminds you of this to the point where you doubt his truth telling.)

And he hates women, except of the traditional sort. He buys lock, stock, and barrel that Hillary is corrupt and will take his guns away. Period.

Sadly, Chris has had two divorces and lost two jobs because he was judged too insensitive on racial and mysogenistic insensitivity.

He wants to close the door on his house. And sulk. And never understand why he's a loser.

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