Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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The new 401(k): One of the most secure, powerful, smart ways to grow your money

The new 401(k)...and much more.
Family, Children, Sunset ...

Life insurance has changed. It protects your life today and tomorrow.
Indexed Universal Life, now available in New York State, has become one of the most secure, powerful ways to grow your money...with many advantages over a 401(k), IRA and savings accounts. Access your money anytime...when you’re:
  • sick or disabled
  • for college expenses
  • for an unexpected need
  • for a new car
  • or for retirement

Zero loss potential

With Indexed Universal Life, your money is invested securely in assets like government bonds and construction projects...NOT in the stock market. Your account is indexed to the market, but not participating in it.

Play It Safe AND Secure AND Smart.

Indexed Universal Life reflects the performance of the stock market, but does not participate in it. If the stock market performs badly, you get 0%, not a massive hit to your account. In positive years, earn up to 12%.
After 2008, many people suffered losses in their accounts up to 38%. With Indexed Universal Life, in bad years your account locks in at 0%--i.e., no loss. You need to make twice as much money to recover from losses in bad years. Eliminate that worry.

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