Sunday, July 16, 2017

Join our conversation on the drug epidemic and families

Image showing lethal doses of Heroin and Fentanyl

The amount of drug that can kill. Fentanyl threatens to greatly worsen our addiction crisis.

A social worker in a small upstate New York town told me that in order to shoot up with meth, teens in his town used the only private space they could find: their family car. They shot up in the most secluded place they could find--empty downtown areas, WHILE DRIVING.

A mental health worker in Vermont told me that they're on the verge of giving up on today's youth and trying to prevent children from becoming the next generation of addicts.

Doctors in emergency rooms give families devastating news about their children, anywhere from the limited, compromised futures they face to the crushing news of their deaths.
Former President Bill Clinton gave a speech recently saying that the opioid epidemic will destroy this country.


A Thousand Moms, which has produced a series of books entitled "Healing the Brain," will hold a four-week conference-call series entitled "Network of Support: Addiction and Our Families." 

Made possible by a donation from a concerned supporter, A Thousand Moms’ four-part information series for educators, parents, social workers, other concerned individuals is now free of charge. Dates for Network of Support: The Addiction Crisis are Tuesdays, July 18/19, July 25/26, August 1/2 and August 8/9. (Original presentations are repeated on the following day for the convenience of participants. Times: Tuesdays at 11:00 am EDT., Wednesdays at 7:00 pm EDT. 
Calls last one hour. CONF CALL #: 605 475-6333  ACCESS CODE: 2456474

Presented in clear, non-complicated language

To empower participants, coverage in this series will include a basic understanding of how addiction works in the brain and body. Each session will combine addiction facts with practical strategies for coping with current or potential substance abuse by a loved one. Substance abuse topics include: How the brain works; Why is addiction a brain disease? Opioids/heroin;  Methamphetamines, cocaine; and Alcohol and marijuana. Support topics include: Positive parenting as a prevention tool for drug abuse; Communication, encouragement,and negotiations; Setting limits; supervision, and knowing your child's friends. 
The conference call programs are presented by Fred Elia, MS, president of A Thousand Moms, and David Balog, author, Dana Foundation’s Sourcebook of Brain Science and Healing the Brain: Stress, Trauma and Development.
First call: Tuesday, July 18, 11:00 AM EDT
CONF CALL #: 605 475-6333  ACCESS CODE: 2456474 

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