Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer reading: Arm yourself with knowledge for Trumpcare fight

  • The brain controls much of our health. In the healthcare fight, arm yourself with the latest information on brain health. Whether it is drug addiction, stress and trauma, the common headache, memory loss and Alzheimer's, or stroke, there's an e-book for you, for only $2.00 per book for a limited time only. 

    These books are made possible by A Thousand Moms, a 501(c)3 in New York State (officially the National Association of Former Foster Children). Please help us support LGBTQ youth with your donation. Leave a message in your donation message regarding the e-book you wish. Thank you.

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Healing the Brain Series

  • Books for parents, teachers, counselors, clergy and concerned individuals.
  • Presents easy-to-understand coverage of the brain's role in stress and health.

    • Titles also cover Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Money & Stress, Concussions & TBI

Praise for Healing the Brain

Author David Balog has done an excellent job of creating a book for educators (or anyone working with youth) that explains the complicated workings of the brain in an easy to understand manner. Balog goes on to discuss various types of trauma and how the adolescent brain responds to trauma such as depression, stress, addiction, risk taking, PTSD, etc. LGBT/Q youth may experience trauma in ways majority youth often do not. The author shares important coping strategies....I highly recommend this book!--Carol Dopp, M.Ed. 

"David Balog understands the strain of alienation, so he tackles this subject with compassion and concern. Mr. Balog draws on his knowledge of brain science to give readers insight into what happens to young people under tremendous stress, and he offers practical advice on how to help and cope."--Gary Cottle, author

"Provides comfort and learning to the reader. Flows easily from one topic to the next and knits tidbits of information together in a unifying mosaic. Easy to read. Difficult to put down." --Michael J. Colucciello, Jr., New York State Dept. of Mental Health researcher, retired.

"Wonderfully written by Mr. Balog. A book that can help medical professionals as well as the general public, Mr Balog has tackled a subject that is complex and he makes it quite approachable. It has added and enriched my own practice of medicine by making me more aware of issues not often discussed in medical circles."--Peter Paganussi, MD, Virginia

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