Sunday, November 19, 2017

#MeToo, part 3. Top 10 Things a Gay Rapist Accomplishes

Top 10 Things a Gay Rapist Accomplishes:

1. Seals a temporary lack of self-confidence of the victim to permanence.

2. Ruins routine sleep, making you need meds for the most natural of body functions.

3. Makes victim reach for comfort on the most elemental level, including eating.

4. So victim is susceptible to drugs, sex, overeating.

5. Having reached stage 4, diabetes can be achieved.

6. Once diagnosed with diabetes, victim, now adult watches in horror that Affordable Care Act will be killed by Trump.

7. Depression, diabetes, and sleep meds make partner deeply uncomfortable, completing the stress cycle to perpetuate more stress.

8. Having no self-esteem, said victim does not attend to financial matters and faces bleak financial future, further eroding relationship with partner, who, for clarity, has contributed to support of household beyond his share.

9. Further eroding of self-confidence when victim cannot talk to anyone, particularly LGBT, about a major part of his life.

10. Victim thinks, constantly, of man's inhumanity to man and where does his situation fit. Little feedback received convinces him that, well, take a place in line. Others have it much worse. And keep setting those useless therapy appointments, for which you've paid $ thousands over decades.

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