Sunday, December 18, 2016

Campaign Launch: Teaching Hope in Trump Time

Many people I know are distraught at the upcoming new president. Michelle Obama calls it the end of hope.

Here's our idea to fight back, in a real and tangible way. Our organization, A Thousand Moms: Building Community Support for LGBT/Q Youth, has produced Healing the Brain: Stress, Trauma and LGBTQ Youth. 

Purchase a copy by making a donation of $10.00 or more to and we will send a copy in your name to your local public library. And they will take it.

  1. So, take a look at the reviews below.
  2. Make a $10.00 or more donation to A Thousand Moms at
  3. Let us send the book to your local library (we will locate and mail directly on your behalf).
Here are some reviews of our book!

Author David Balog has done an excellent job of creating a book for educators (or anyone working with youth) that explains the complicated workings of the brain in an easy to understand manner. Balog goes on to discuss various types of trauma and how the adolescent brain responds to trauma such as depression, stress, addiction, risk taking, PTSD, etc. LGBT/Q youth may experience trauma in ways majority youth often do not. The author shares important coping strategies....I highly recommend this book!--Carol Dopp, M.Ed. 

"David Balog understands the strain of alienation, so he tackles this subject with compassion and concern. Mr. Balog draws on his knowledge of brain science to give readers insight into what happens to young people under tremendous stress, and he offers practical advice on how to help and cope."--Gary Cottle, author

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